Igoumenitsa: Location, Beaches, Hotels


Igoumenitsa is a small town located on the west coast of mainland Greece, overlooking the Ionian Sea. Despite being a relatively small town, it is an important transport hub for travelers, serving as a gateway to the beautiful island of Corfu and the Greek island chain of the Ionian Sea. In this article, we will explore the town of Igoumenitsa and highlight some of the things to do, beaches to visit, and hotels to stay at.


Igoumenitsa is located in the region of Epirus, in the northwestern part of Greece. It is situated at the mouth of the Kalamas River, overlooking the Ionian Sea. The town is easily accessible by road, with the Egnatia Highway connecting it to the major cities of northern Greece, as well as to neighboring countries such as Albania and Italy. The town also has a ferry port, connecting it to the island of Corfu and the rest of the Ionian Islands.

Things to Do

Although Igoumenitsa is primarily a transport hub, there are several things to do in and around the town. One of the most popular attractions is the archaeological site of Gitana, located just a few kilometers outside of the town. This ancient site is home to the ruins of a Roman villa, a Roman bathhouse, and a small theater.

For nature lovers, the Acheron River is a must-visit destination. This beautiful river is located a short drive from Igoumenitsa and is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning natural scenery. Visitors can take a leisurely hike along the river, swim in the cool waters, or even try their hand at rafting or kayaking.


Igoumenitsa is also home to several beautiful beaches, including Drepano Beach and Makrygialos Beach. Both of these beaches are located just a few kilometers outside of the town and offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Another popular beach destination in the area is the island of Corfu, which is easily accessible by ferry from Igoumenitsa. Corfu is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, including Paleokastritsa, Glyfada, and Agios Gordios.


For those looking to stay in Igoumenitsa, there are several hotels and guesthouses to choose from. The Sivota Diamond Spa Resort is a luxurious option, offering a wide range of amenities including a spa, a pool, and a restaurant serving delicious Greek cuisine. For those on a budget, the Hotel Esperia is a great option, offering clean and comfortable rooms at an affordable price.


Igoumenitsa may be a small town, but it has plenty to offer visitors. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or simply relaxing on the beach, there is something for everyone in and around Igoumenitsa. With its convenient location and range of accommodation options, it’s the perfect starting point for exploring the beautiful region of Epirus and the stunning Ionian Islands.


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