Public Transportation in Heraklion.


Public transportation in Heraklion, Crete is an efficient and cost-effective way for tourists and locals to travel around the city and beyond. Whether you are looking to explore the historical sites in the city center or venture out to the neighboring towns, there are several options available to suit your needs.

Types of Public Transportation:

Buses: The most popular mode of transportation in Heraklion is the local bus service. KTEL is the primary bus company that operates throughout the city and the island of Crete. The buses are modern, air-conditioned, and reliable. The routes cover a wide area, and the fares are inexpensive. Visitors can purchase a daily or weekly pass, depending on their travel plans.

Taxis: Taxis are another convenient way to get around Heraklion. They are available throughout the city, and you can flag them down on the street or book a ride using a mobile app. The fares are reasonable, but they can be more expensive than buses.

Rental Cars: Rental cars are also a popular option for tourists who want to explore the city and the island. There are several rental car agencies in the city, and the rates are affordable. However, parking can be a challenge, and the narrow streets can be daunting for drivers who are not used to the local traffic.


The prices for public transportation in Heraklion are affordable and competitive. The bus fare for a single ride is €1.70, and a 24-hour ticket costs €5. A weekly ticket is €12. Taxis are metered, and the base fare is €3.50, with an additional charge of €0.50 per kilometer.

Rental cars are available for as low as €15 per day, depending on the season and the type of vehicle. Gasoline prices are slightly higher than in other parts of Europe, but they are still reasonable.


Public transportation in Heraklion, Crete is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective way to travel around the city and the island. Whether you prefer buses, taxis, or rental cars, there are several options available to suit your needs and budget. So, the next time you visit Heraklion, consider using public transportation to explore the city and the surrounding areas.


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