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Crete weather

Crete, the most beautiful island with the all-natural essence of Greece, is located on either side of the Aegean sea. The interesting thing is that its beauty and realistic factors are larger than its actual size. It is a great combination when the natural beauty and ancient historical traditions collaborate, emphasising nature.

Crete is well recognised as the touring and holiday spot among most people. More and more people head toward greek to enjoy the nature, beaches, and historical and archaeological culture of Greece infused with Greek mythology. Crete island is one of the most famous and crowded greek destinations.

Besides its beauty and ancient greek history, people like to move to Crete to spend their holidays to experience the better weather conditions. Visitors and tourists prefer spending most of the summer holidays in Crete, Greece. The reason is the good weather of Crete in most of the months.

The weather of Crete in March

The weather of Crete in March is quite alternating but bearable. The normal temperature on all the days of March is up to 14°C. However, sometimes the temperature rises more than the normal temperature and goes to almost 17°C.

The low temperature in the Crete is almost 10°C. Moreover, the day temperature in Crete, Greece, is 13.2°C which people can tolerate easily. The night temperature of Crete is 13.1°C.

The weather forecast of Crete describes that the sun shines for almost 5 hours in Crete.

Should we go to Crete in March?

March reflects the season of spring, which is quite uncertain and unpredictable. So, the visitors should arrange all the weather things such as an umbrella if it is sunny and rainy at the other moment.

Rain in Crete in March

Except for the five hours of the sun shining, it is possible to rain in March. Crete experience the standard winter-summer season specifications. In these months, rain falls heavily all across the crater. The annual, monthly preception reaches almost 62mm, and rain falls over an average of eight months.

Snow in March

Hailstorms and snowfalls are generally observed in March in Crete, Greece. The phenomenon is cool breezes from the top of the Cretan mountains to th bottom of th beaches.

Crete weather in April

The normal temperature in the April month of Crete is almost 17°C. However, the peak temperature is almost 20°C, and at the lowest point, it is about 12°C. In the daytime, the temperature is 14.5°C. It is 14.6°C during the nighttime. The duration for sun shining is recorded for almost 6 hours.

Crete temperature in April

In April, the weather of Crete is pretty comfortable. This temperature gives life to the island’s outdoor activities. The weather during April is quite bearable. However, during the daytime, at peak point, it rises to some extent.

The weather of the Crete sea in April

Sea temperature usually stays the same as the average daytime temperature. The temperature of the sea is always bearable to swim, not too cold or hot.

Rain in Crete

In April, you can experience the minimum of rainfall. The sky is covered with clouds, but the cloud is thin, allowing the sun rays to pass through it. Total precipitation reaches around 21 mm during April.

Crete Weather in May

With the increasing months, the temperature in Crete rises as well. In May, the temperature on a normal day is about 24°C which remains the same even if it is high. However, at the lowest point of temperature, the temperature proceeds to 15°C.

The night temperature in Crete is around 18.8°C, where the sun shines for almost 8 hours.

Rain in Crete may

The ratio of rain during May is minimum as compared to March and April. The precipitation is recorded as only 11 mm during May. The light rains visit the Crete just for three days.

Wind in Crete during May

The wind during May blows from the south. The wind during this month is warm and dry. These winds may quickly dry out the climate, which is more prominent on the southern island.

Crete weather in June

In June, the average daytime temperature is almost 24°C. The high peaks of temperature rise to 28°C with hit winds. The lower temperature recedes to 18°C, which causes good improvement in the weather condition during May.

The temperature of seawater in Crete

 Crete’s seawater temperature shows a dramatic increase of almost 22°C. At that time, the island’s numerous water sports and activities are full of mood.

Crete‘s wind in June

The winds of Crete are quite hit during June. The wind blows from America, drying out the Crete’s environment.

Rain in Crete during June

During June, the rain is virtually non-existent. There are the lowest chances of the rain falling as the weather is very dry.

Temperature from august to December

After July, the temperature gets easier in Crete. The weather becomes very pleasant. The cool breezes blow across the Crete. The good weather in Crete gives fascinating vibes which attract more and more visitors during these months.

However, in December, the temperature gets very cold that it becomes difficult to go out without having proper measurements.

Temprature in Chania and Heraklion

Chania and Heraklion are the well-recognized states of Crete islands among the visitors. The temperature ranges according to Crete’s weather. However, there are some alternations in the weather of Chania and Heraklion due to different directions of blowing wind.

The weather conditions in Chania and Heraklion Crete are always bearable except in July. In July, there is very hit air that dry out the surroundings. It gets difficult for the visitors to go out for roaming.

Crete is very famous for its different archaeological sites. However, the people are attracted toward Crete due to its good weather from March to November. Hence, if you want to savour a good and fascinating time during your holidays, then Crete is a good choice to go.

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