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Balos Beach

The Balos beach is truly a gem and ranked as one of the top beaches of Crete.

The turquoise water, white beautifully surrounded sand and the fascinating island of Tigani make the most beautiful and perfect scenes. Balos belong to the most beautiful and calming spots of the Mediterranean, and the beautiful beach itself makes a soothing connection between the Tigani island and The Balos mainland. This beach and its lagoon are situated in the northwest corner of the Chania region in Crete.

This beach is famous among Crete and the other visitors because of its matchless beauty and fascinating scenes. The beauty of the beach is undoubtedly an undeniable thing, and its beauty is the reason why most of the tourists head toward the Crete, Balos beach.

Balos Beach and Lagoon

The Balos beach and its lagoon provide the best natural views, which visitors can speculate from the upper viewpoint. From this upper viewpoint, all visitors can probably get the best idea of the Balos beach without any hassle. Moreover, you can get access to the upper view of Balos if you walk from the parking lot of this beach.

The Balos beach is also trendy for its hiking. This beach is ranked as a great hiking spot. So in case you get to this beach through the boat, we will highly recommend you to experience hiking through this beach. The Balos beach’s hiking is genuinely worth it. When you hike, you can get a chance to see and fascinate yourself with the whole Balos beauty. Water in the Balos lagoon is hot and very crystal-clear beautiful, and the lagoon has approximately 400 – 500 diameter. The best thing about this lagoon is that it is not deep at all. This point makes it the best lagoon for families with children.

Towards the north, Balos beach provides a better swimming site to Gramvousa Island. If you move away from the Balos lagoon, the water there is more profound and incredibly cool than the water inside the lagoon. Balos also give some pink shades on its beautiful shining sand because of the thousands of pink-colored shells present on the sand. However, if you are more likely to see the prominent pink-colored sand, Elafonisi beach is a better choice.

Facilities at Balos beach

Like other beaches of Crete, Balos beach also provides tons of facilities which are discussed below.

 Food and drink service: 

The Balos beach provides a variety of several snacks and seafood. You can almost get whatever you want to eat. Besides this, the beach also includes plenty of cold drinks. This beach also keeps a variety of several beverages.

Parking service:

The Balos beach is the best site for visiting not only because of its beauty and natural panorama, but it also provides several facilities such as parking services. Your cars and vehicles are never lost in the parking crowds on Balos. Instead, they are always present in an organized manner in the parking lot.

Changing rooms:

Balos beach provides you the great facility of changing your clothes in a fitting room. Most of the beaches lack this facility. Balos beach also protects you from the burning sun in June and July by providing thousands of umbrellas and beach chairs.

Beach bars:

If you are a party owl and like clubs and bars more than the natural views, Balos also provides you the great bars that are opened during the day and night. In the daytime, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beach in the bars, and in the nighttime, you can relish the exotic nightlife along the beautiful beach.

When should you visit Balos beach?

The Balos beach has the earliest season, starting with the beauty of march spring and ending in October. However, if you are introverted and try to avoid crowded places, then the last week of October is the best time to visit Balos beach. At that time, there were hardly any visitors. So, you can enjoy the scenes and views all along.

Moreover, if you want to go places that are crowded with colorful people, the earliest starting season is the best time. In the few months of the earliest season, there are no hot winds. Instead, the weather is full of moisture and incredibly soft to tolerate.

Access To the Balos beach

Like all other beaches present in Crete, you can access the Balos beach without any hassle. Here are the most comfortable ways you can get to Balos.

 By cars:

Getting to Balos using the vehicle is pretty adventurous. The last 8 km is a route covered with dust and several sized rocks. At this route, it almost takes around 30 minutes to cross. There is a free parking lot at the end of the road where you can park your cars easily in an organized manner. However, from the parking lot, you still have to walk for almost 1.5 km to reach the mainland. In this regard, it will be helpful if you take good comfy shoes than flip flops. Moreover, the fantastic realistic views are waiting in the way, so never forget to grab your camera when heading towards such natural sites.

By boat:

Another accessible means of traveling to Balos is the boat from Kissamos harbor. The boat takes you across the seawater, giving you a chance to enjoy the beauty of the sea also. Hence, it is a suitable mode of travel if you prefer going to Balos while enjoying the trip.

By public busses.

There are several connecting public buses from Rethymnon, Chania, and Heraklion. Buses are organized and provide the hotel pickups and drop-off. However, the buses are always scheduled. So it is a priority to follow the timetable if you want to get there.

Things needed for the Balos trip.

Here is the list of some necessities you must bring with you while traveling to Balos lagoon.

Plenty of water and water bottle

Sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns

Sunglasses to avoid sun rays

Swimsuit if you are going to swim at the beach



Good quality tents

Good comfortable shoes


Balos beach is one of the best beaches of Crete. More and more people worldwide come and visit the Balos lagoon and fascinate themselves with its artistic natural beauty.


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