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How to Rent a Car in Crete

Car is mandatory for a healthier and feasible trip and, it is the best way to travel around without any burden. Similarly, Crete trip also requires a car and, it is a good way of exploring Crete.

Like everywhere, Crete also has car rental services, and they provide Cars for traveling all around Crete. Though every city has excellent car rental services yet the best offers are in Chania and Heraklion.

We have made a collection of many car rental service providers and have compared their services. After going through this guide, it would be pretty easy for you to choose one from them.

Requirements to Rent a Car in Crete

If you want to rent a car in Crete (without a driver), you will need an international driving license. If your license is not in English or Greek, get it translated in case you need it. You can also submit your passport as a guarantee.

You should be above 21 years of age and should have one year of a valid license in your home country. If you are under 25 years of age, you can face difficulties and pay an extra fee to make sure the company does not charge an additional cost. If you don’t have a credit card, you will not be unable to pay the rent of a car in Crete as the car rental services do not accept cash. 

Another reason you should have a credit card is that you will have to pay the holding charge. Only a few rental companies take this charge. Many car rental companies try to convince you to pay the insurance fee and, if you want peace of mind, you should pay it. But mostly, no one pays it.

Qualities Of a Reliable Car Rent Service

Crete is one of the fascinating places globally, that’s why millions of people visit it every year to have a relaxing vacation.

People visit this beautiful island to relax and feel the beauty of nature. However, the best way to explore the whole island is to rent a car rather than schedule all your trips according to public transport timings.

So, to hire a rental service, you need to check its pros and cons, then choose the one that has the best service of all.


Every rental service must have a good insurance policy. Then, if you come across an accident, it provides you with complete security.

Within the trip, if anything happens to the car, the insurance company will take all its expenses. So, while booking a car, make sure it is insured.

Comfortable Vehicle Pickup

After a long air journey, you won’t wish to rush in buses and taxis for transportation. Instead, your car rental company should send the car to the airport or to the place where you want to. By no means should you go to the location of your rental car provider. 

If your car hire company isn’t providing this service, then don’t go for it.

Affordable Prices

Be careful while choosing a car hire company in terms of pricing. Some of the companies are very expensive, so you should always compare the prices in between them.

Companies have hidden charges which they reveal at the end of the trip. So, make sure that the car hire company that you are going for doesn’t have these charges. And ask them that if they have a limit of traveling like several miles or kilometers.

Great Customer Service

The car hire company should have great customer service. The drivers should be humble and friendly. It can be a plus point if the company has incentives for the returning customers, as this indicates their customer satisfaction policies.

The company’s priority should be the safety of its customers and not the payments.

Easy Booking

Effortless and easy booking should be the uppermost service of the company. They should have an online booking service and easy to communicate system. You are going to Crete for the enjoyment you won’t like to run behind car rental companies.

High-grade Vehicle

Ensure that the car rental company has a variety of vehicles to choose from and the condition of the car is good enough to travel around Crete. 

When the company’s vehicles are in good condition, you don’t have to worry that the car might be damaged beforehand and, the company would charge it in your bill.

Best Rent a Car in Crete

Several rent a car companies provide their services in Crete and, some of them are listed below.


Hertz is an international company that serves in more than 150 countries across the world. Their rental service is a worldwide franchise because of their quality customer service. They provide services on different international airports of Greece like Crete and Heraklion etc.

Hertz has a vast collection of cars to choose from, including all types of cars, sedans, SUVs, and supercars. Hertz offers various deals to its customers and up to 30 percent of discounts upon buying a deal. In addition, they offer the car based on travel and the number of people so, everyone gets facilitated from their company.


Thrifty’s car rental company is not a big franchise as compared to others. But still, Thrifty car rental company is a reliable source of booking a car and, they offer a lot of extras for their customers.

They offer fly-drive services and an additional 10 percent off on all their rental services, which their happy customers love. Their variety of cars also include Kia Picanto, Seat Ibiza, and Sportage.

Thrifty rental services have given their customers several benefits to choose them:

  • They have a variety of vehicles to choose from.
  • They have a desk available in almost all the international airports.
  • You can cancel your booking within 48 hours, without any cancellation fee.
  • Thrifty has also introduced a monthly rental plan which is quite reliable.

Auto union

Auto Union is the largest car rental company in Greece, with almost 6000 vehicles and 400 locations all around Greece.

Auto Union is providing remarkable services to its customers; it offers hotel deliveries and is currently covering all over Greece. No doubt, their rent is a bit higher than other rental companies but, their services are also commendable and, their customers are always satisfied with their policies.

People prefer Auto unions because they always serve people with humbleness and secondly, they have very strict rule-following that outnumbers its competitors. They always reach on time and, in very few cases, they were late. Lastly, the quality of the vehicles is satisfying and, it is the biggest reason for customer attraction towards them.

Avis Car Rental Company

Avis Car Rental is the most famous and favorite company of Heraklion. The Avis car rental company provides you 24/7 customer support with service on all the major airports while offering you a feasible booking system with reliable and cheap packages and friendly service. They are near you wherever you are and, just with few clicks on their app, you can avail them.

Avis has all kinds of vehicles and transport and, now they have introduced a long-time booking service for their customers. They provide multiple offers and discounts. One of their famous offers include a third weekend free of cost.

Rental Cars in Heraklion

In Heraklion, there are all types of car rental companies. Some are cheaper while others are expensive. It all depends upon the condition and the type of the car. But remember the points that I have discussed above before choosing a company.

The average rent of a car in Heraklion is 124 dollars, while the Hyundai i10 has the lowest rent among all. It costs 22 dollars per day. The most preferred car by the people is SUV, and it also has higher rent.

Price always depends upon the car and its model. If you chose an expensive car, its price would be higher and vice versa. Per day charge for a mini car is almost 22 dollars. The costs can vary as after the increase in vehicle prices, the rents also increase.

Tips For Renting a Car in Heraklion

When flying towards Heraklion, check with the airline for a perks program that might include a discount for car rental in Heraklion. Take a taxi from the airport to move to an offsite location as the rental companies charge more to the passengers booking from the airport. Many extra fees are included in the booking if booked inside the airport.

Join a loyalty reward program with the car rental company to attain discounts and, joining is mostly free of cost.

Cars On Airport

N. Kazantzakis Airport Rental Cars is a recommended car rental service. It has a solid customer following due to its friendly policies and availability at airports. They directly pick you from the airport and drop you at your destination and, the cheapest car they have is 31 dollars per day. Most people prefer to book SUVs from them.

Fuel Choices on Greek

When taking a car for rent, remember to check what fuel type it requires. If by mistake you put another fuel, it can create a big problem. Often there is a sticker near the gas cap to remind you of the fuel type. Also, remember the amount of fuel while taking the car as you have to return it in the same amount. Otherwise, the car rental company will charge you a heavy amount.

Always keep the fuel tank full as the gas stations are not open for 24 hours and never plan to refuel at night as most of them are closed. Also, gas is costly in Crete and, you won’t be able to pay with a credit card so, keep the cash with you to pay for fuel.

Use the Navigation System

GPS is the best option to use in Crete when driving a long distance. There is no doubt about it. GPS will help you have a smooth ride without the issue of reading every signboard.

Navigation systems are always serviceable because they can provide different routes, should they be needed, take you around jam hotspots. The most modern versions will give you some hint of the road speed limit – measured in miles per hour. That not to say you need to get the GPS add-on with a rental car. If you have a cell phone with a local SIM contract, you will access the Internet, which means you will use smartphone exploration apps such as Google Maps.

If you do not have local sim access, you should spend a lot of money on roaming. Instead, you can download Google Maps by using the Wifi of your hotel. You aren’t allowed to use your cellphone while driving in Greece so, you should place it in front of you and make sure your hands are off it.

Speed Limit on Crete

The distance and speed measured in kilometers in Crete. The speed limit signboards are visible on the side of every single road. The speed limit depends upon the area. The city speed limit is 50 Km per hour, open roads it is up to 80 km/hr, and highways can be more than 100 Km/hr. The vehicles drive on the right side while the passing lane is the middle one. 

Always drive safely and comfortably. Never try to overspeed as it can result in an accident. Otherwise, you will have to pay heavy challans for doing it.

Crete is a beautiful place to visit, and everyone should tour it at least once in their life.  The most necessary thing of tourism is transport and, a poor car rental service can ruin whole of your trip. If you want good services then while booking your car, remember all the points that discussed above.

Remember to check the Insurance policy and all the extra charges before booking a car. We wish you an enjoyable trip to Crete.


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