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Airports in Crete Island (A complete guide)

Crete is one of the most famous islands of Greece. The Crete Island is ranked as the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean sea and the 88th largest island globally. It has caught incredible touring importance because of its several well-recognized touring spots. Moreover, Crete Island is famous for its vast fantastic beaches.

The Crete island surrounds the Aegean Sea from its southern borders. Crete is almost 160Km at a distance from the main Greek land. It is dominated and surrounded by several vast mountains which are emerging out of the sea. 

Crete climate varies with annual average precipitation of 25 inches and hot summer between the subtropical and temperate regions. At the same time, winters in Greek are relatively mild, with gentle and cool air in the mountains areas. Th precipitations are very high as compared to the other areas of Crete island. Moreover, in winters, mountains are often seen covered with snow all around. 

Crete has a bunch of airports through which people can access the Crete. The airports in Crete include several international airports that serve their visitors with the ultimate best facilities.

Airports in Crete

Crete‘s international airports play a crucial role in enhancing the touring and visiting ratio by offering good facilities. The reason more and more people across the globe visit Crete because they find it easy to access Crete. This easy access is only possible because of the well-maintained and well-organized airports of Crete.

Several airports offer great teams ready to assist their passengers’ journey through the Crete airports. Well, here is the list of top international airports of Crete. 

  • Heraklion International Airport
  • Chania International Airport
  • Sitia Public Airport
  • Kasteli Airport
  • Maleme Airport
  • Tympaki airport

Heraklion International Airport

Heraklion international airport is the most primary airport on Crete island. This airport is ranked as the second biggest airport in Greece after Athens International Airport. Near the Nea Alikarnassos municipality, this airport is located at a distance of 5km east to Crete’s main Heraklion city centre.

Heraklion International airport is a civil and military-based airport offering prominent facilities for both sectors. The airport is named in honour of Heraklion’s native Greek writer and philosopher, Nikos Kazantzakis. This airport is Crete’s most prominent and busiest airport. Moreover, another airport in the boundaries of Heraklion is under construction, which will be completed in 2025 probably. Once the new Kasteli International Airport is completed, the currency Heraklion Airport will be the hub for central Crete.

Heraklion airport’s airlines and destinations

Heraklion airport has numerous famous airlines. These airlines include Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, Air France, Air Moldova, airBaltic, Alitalia, Aviolet, Blue Air, Bluebird airways, British airway, Condor, Buzz, and many more. All these airlines of Heraklion airport take and leaves their passenger to desired designations.

Facilities of Heraklion Airport

Heraklion airport is the busiest of all the airports in Crete. It strives to provide excellent services and facilities to its passengers. If you look deep into the airport, there are many facilities. These facilities include:

  • numerous clean restrooms
  • waiting areas
  • refreshing tuck shops
  • you can also purchase various things such as bouquets, chocolates, and many more.
  • access of free wifi to the passengers.
  • one of the most prominent facilities is that Bluebird Airway has its head office at Heraklion Airport. 

Chania International airport

It is an international airport of Crete, located on the Akrotiri peninsula of the Crete island near the Souda Bay. With the increasing number of visitors, this airport has proved to be a gateway to Crete’s westerns. The airport’s name is designated in Cretan rebel Daskalogiannis, who fought against Ottoman rule in the 18th century.

Chania international airport serves both civil and military. In the list of busiest airports in Crete, it is ranked at the sixth position.

Airlines and destinations

Talking about the Chania airport airlines includes Condor, Buzz, Austrian Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Easyjet, Jet2.com, and LOT polish airlines Luxair, Nivair, and several more. All these airlines serve their passengers by escorting them according to their desire to ensure their visit to Crete. 

Transportation to and from the airport

The access to the airport is way simple and easy. People can be easily reached there by bus, car, or taxi using the leading road network. The city of Chania takes almost 22 minutes from the airport.


Chania airport provides numerous facilities for its travellers.

  • Provides communication facilities such as free wifi access
  • Provides ease and feasibility for disabled people by providing several wheelchairs, ramps, and adapted toilets.
  • Chania airport consists of almost 340 long and short-term parking spaces.

Sitia Airport

This airport of Crete is a small community airport compared to the Heraklion and Chania international Airports. Sitia community airport is built on the eastern side of Crete in Mponta of Sitia Municipality. The airport typically serves Sitia city. Moreover, the Aitia airport is located at a distance of 1 kilometre from the centre of the town.

Airlines and Destination

As compared to other airports, Sitia has relatively fewer numbers airlines and use limited destinations. These airlines include Sky Express and Olympic Air.


Sitia also serves some facilities, which includes:

  • Shuttle services for the passengers to take and leave them to the airport.
  • Luggage services
  • Laundry services
  • Parking services

Other airports of Crete

Despite of Heraklion, Chania amd sitia there are other airports such as Ksteli Airpost, Maleme Airport, Tympaki Airport. These airports are also of tremendous importance in Crete. However, these airports are not as famous and busy as the other three airports. They have relatively more minor passengers and airlines. Also, they provide very minimum facilities to its passenger. So, a lesser quantity of people uses these airports. 

Crete island is a significant place as a touring spot. It serves various informative, historical and archaeological sites. People can get easy access to this island through the airports of Crete. The main airports of Crete operate several facilities for passengers. So, please choose the airport of your desire.


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